Grey is a mixture of white and black. Scientifically, grey has all possible colours in it, making it the one colour that creates the perfect balance. Gréy is a clothing brand that wishes to work with all kinds of weaves and fabrics that are handmade by artisans all across India.


Gréy is all about artisanal fabrics that beam of hard work, dedication and pure love. There are thousands of weavers and artisans across the country who have mastered the craft of creating a fabric inspired by their surroundings. Just the thought of exploring such crafts makes us proud and excited to see what we can bring to the people.


There are numerous clothing brands working on the same concept. They are a part of a movement that aims to achieve the same goal that inspired us to start this brand. We are grateful to be a part of the same, which is much needed today. The work of these artisans needs to be showcased in the most elegant way possible because these crafts need to live forever.